I specially appreciate her Accounts revision batch. The understanding level that we gained from her after our class is seriously credible. Also, ma’am’s notes for Auditing & Costing are brilliant. I referred & studied only from those for the exam. So all in all I think Neha Lathi ma’am’s tutoring is the best available in town.

Aekta Gupta

Aekta Gupta IPCC 2nd AIR

Neha ma’am is the benchmark as far as teaching is concerned. The ease with which ma’am explains any concept, ensured that I did not have to memorize anything. The clincher
for me was her ability to give real life examples which facilitate better understanding and learning.

Pradnya Swami

Pradnya Swami IPCC 14th AIR

The accounting concepts were covered in great detail with in-depth notes. They really helped me understand the nuances and develop clarity of the subject. Thank you so much.

Aditya Lyer

Aditya LyerFinal 15th AIR

The memory techniques that she shares are not only very useful but also very sensible that you can actually recall in your exams. Overall I would say if you have joined here
you don’t need to worry about the rest, things will fall in the right place for you !!

Kishori Bharadia

Kishori BharadiaFinal 18th AIR

For me, Neha ma’am is the best professor for Accounts, Costing and Audit and no one else can teach these subjects better than her. The exemption which I have received in all three subjects taught by Neha ma’am is all because of her teaching and class notes.

Aekta Gupta

Aekta GuptaFinal 24th AIR

I have done both my PCC and Final classes with madam and we just love the way she teaches. Every class was interesting and we are very lucky to be taught by her!

Ankita Cuddapah

Ankita CuddapahFinal 26th AIR

Good infrastructure facilities, best teachers, awesome interaction with students, friendly behaviour & above all, a great human being. Missing the batch.

Prasad Chidrawar

Prasad Chidrawar IPCC 34th AIR

I thank Neha Lathi ma’am for making this subject such an easy subject for me. Ma’am’s teaching styles and techniques (Especially competitions in class which help answer maximum standards on auditing correctly) made audit easy.

Jugal Doshi

Jugal DoshiFinal 34th AIR

Honestly, SFM was a nightmare for me and I had my doubts of scoring well in that subject. But what helped me the most was step by step approach and the unique RTP  complier which were prepared by Neha Ma’am, which were not mostly available outside. With this, I got an exemption in the subject.

Sonu Alwani

Sonu AlwaniFinal 38th AIR

Neha ma’am’s notes were the only thing I referred for Audit. It has a superb coverage of entire syllabus, practice manuals and past questions. Her examples helped me to understand the subject well. Thank you ma’am for your support and guidance.

Juhi Munot

Juhi Munot IPCC 39th AIR

I heard from my friends that IPCC Audit is a very theoretical and monotonous subject. But, Neha Ma’am’s teaching is such that it has become one of the most interesting subject of the course. The class is full of learning amidst joy. Her memory techniques are fun yet helpful. Her teaching style is such that one learns everything in the class itself while
making the concepts clear.

Yash V. Jain

Yash V. Jain IPCC 41st AIR

I got 42nd rank, only because of Accounts. I have highest marks in Account (i.e. 75 marks) and the unbelievable thing is that I have never joined  Accounts regular batch  anyywhere. This rank could be possible only because of the revision batch conducted by Neha ma’am.

Rahul V. Jambhalekar

Rahul V. Jambhalekar IPCC 42nd AIR

Lathi ma’am is the best faculty available for Audit because she teaches the subject with live examples and in a very friendly manner. The way she interacts with the students and answers their queries is very beneficial. I thank ma’am for all the efforts she took for us. As is Oasis in a Desert, same is Lathi ma’am for Audit.

Bhushan Gadiya

Bhushan Gadiya IPCC 48th AIR

It was very enjoyable to study Auditing with Neha mam. She really taught us to exceed our potential. The theory parts as well as the case studies were fully covered. Examples and real life case discussions made the classes interesting. I am thankful to Neha Mam for her guidance, help, support and motivation.

Mayuri Kulkarni

Mayuri Kulkarni IPCC 50th AIR

The revision batch of accounts was very beneficial and helped me in scoring. The best part is that, Neha madam exactly knows the weaknesses of students and hence to-the-point teaching becomes beneficial for the students. Madam clears all the doubts, so learning becomes very interesting.

Gauri Sasturkar

Gauri Sasturkar80 Account

Neha Lathi ma’am’s teaching skills, discussions in the classroom, explanations and the examples helps the students to get more & more conceptual clarity in a subject like
Auditing. Her techniques certainly help to crack even the most difficult practical questions easily.

Kalyani Velapure

Kalyani Velapure80 Audit

Neha madam is the best teacher for Audit. She laid emphasis on understanding the basics of auditingand accounting in order to have strong  foundation of the subjects. She always encouraged us to independently develop our thought process. I owe my success in IPCC –Auditing to Neha madam’s teaching methodology.

Manjiri Bapat

Manjiri Bapat81 Audit

Neha madam makes the theory subject of Auditing very interesting by giving the conceptual clarity and its application through case studies. Notes provided are very useful to study and revise the subject.

Chetan Sainani

Chetan Sainani82 Audit

Neha madam teaches in a very simple, easy & clear language. The examples solved in the class are very useful because modules developed by madam are comprehensive and
detailed. Critical problems seem very easy after the batch.

Virendra S. Yadav

Virendra S. Yadav85 Accounts

I am very lucky to have a teacher like her. Because I didn’t know anything about Costing and now I am very comfortable with the subject by attending Netra ma’am’s Costing Revision Batch.

Tejas Gadagkar

Tejas Gadagkar Costing

Ma’am teaches very precisely and thoroughly. The memory techniques are excellent and easy to remember. The examples solved by Netra ma’am are also very helpful to understand the concept clearly.

Ketan Bodke

Ketan Bodke SM

Netra madam has in depth knowledge about the subject and teaches with optimum speed. Emphasis is always on conceptual clarity. Real and practical examples help in understanding the subject better. Memory techniques are helpful to memorize the points.

Sachin Randive

Sachin Randive SM

I had already completed QT batch elsewhere earlier but it was not manageable by me. That’s why I joined QT batch of Netra Ma’am. My QT is now
PERFECT and now I am able to solve everything and gained 100% confidence in the subject.

Vinita Mantri

Vinita Mantriquanty Techniques

Ma’am your teaching style is excellent. Before the class I was doubtful of SM. But after the class I don’t have any worries. You made the subject understandable & interesting. I got confidence of scoring good marks. Thank you so much for your guidance.

 Abhijeet Birla

Abhijeet BirlaSM

The best teacher that I have come across till date would be Netra ma’am. No one other than her would have been better fitted to teach Strategic Management

 Nancy Fernandez

Nancy FernandezSM

Netra ma’am’s teaching is excellent. Regular revisions are done and all the topics are taught and efficiently covered. She makes the students confident about the subject.

Trusha Patil

Trusha PatilSM

The way of teaching is really very good. Netra ma’am makes this theory subject so interesting. Class is really very interactive. I would say she has  got best skills to teach a theory subject because students lack in this area. I would give her five stars out of five.

Suvarna Chauhan

Suvarna ChauhanSM

Sneha Bhansali |Exemption in our subjects Ma’am you’re my biggest source of inspiration. Your great guidance has helped me to score very good marks at PPC as well as Final level. Subjects are easiest if they are taught by you and CA course overall will be easiest if ma’am starts teaching all

Sneha Bansali

Sneha BansaliExemption in our subjects

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